The San Juan River Guide is a waterproof guidebook providing comprehensive information on many aspects of the San Juan River.

San Juan River Overview

San Juan River Overview - describes the setting of the San Juan River, its different sections, river characteristics, and weather.

San Juan River Logistics and Safety

• Logistics and Safety - provides information on launch and take-out sites, river distances, shuttles, jurisdiction and permits, contacts for outfitters, and river safety.

San Juan River Human History

• Human History - explores prehistory from Paleo-Indian to Pueblo periods, describes and Mano and Metate Illustration by Lisa Kearsleydepicts ceramics, rock art, and River House, an abandoned Pueblo dwelling. The book discusses Native American transitions and conflicts, pioneers, the Gold Rush and Oil Boom, the history of river recreation, and the dam-building era and environmental movement.

The Geology of the San Juan River written by Geologist Wayne Ranney

• Geology - written by geologist Wayne Ranney, describes the origin and age of the early San Juan River, the changing landscape surrounding the river, and the deposition of the rocks that now form the San Juan canyons.

Illustrations of divers plan and animals along the San Juan River

Sacred Datura by Lisa Kearsley• Biology - discusses challenges to plants and animals living in the harsh San Juan environment and biological changes to the region in the past 150 years. Also has a mini-field guide with illustrations, descriptions, and interesting facts for common plants and animals.

New Fossils chapter written by Geologist Christa Sadler

• Fossils - written by geologist Christa Sadler, describes fossils found along the river, the environments they lived in, and where they can be found. Complete with photos and illustrations.

Clear and detailed topo maps of the San Juan River

• River Map - easy-to-read, detailed (contour intervals at 100 ft), topographic map of the river and its surrounding canyons.  Maps include campsites, rapids and riffles, points of interest, geologic features, and references to the text for more information.  Maps face downstream so what you see on the map is what you see on the river.



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